Workshop's Robocamp      Robotics workshop

                                    ROBOCAMP we teach childrens in Robotic

Taller Robocamp901

Create your  Robot  

                            Program its movements

Based on our principle of learn by doing, the atmosphere in our sessions is a workshop where we build robots or mobile structures with the purpose to experiment and learn concepts in physics, mathematics, energy, ...

Each team has a set of resources to work (modules, sensors, components for construction) and a PC for programming. Tasks in the construction and programming are alternating as the project is taking shape. During this process, teamwork is reinforced and encouraged as part of the skills that are being developed.

In the workshop, teams work autonomously and independently, each group is at their own pace with support from the teacher that acts as a facilitator to guide them the right way. This dynamic encourages creativity, motivation and teamwork among young people.


These activities are strengthened at the famous First Lego League event. See below Nautico high school team of Cadiz in the FLL 2012.



 Here we have a team of  Robocamp students, taking care robotics class results are fun.