After School Activities       Afternoons during Academic year


Our workshops have two main objectives:


  1. To approuch interest in Science and New Technologies in an active and practical way to the students.
  2. To provide knowledge and practice needed to become an advance users in the management and use of new Technologies.

To achieve these goals we introduce Robotics  as an engaging tool for the students with software and advance programming. This tool allows us to work with students with high level of motivation in the following fields:

  • Communication among Robot/PC
  • The creation of programs.
  • Loading programs on other devices.
  • Program execution.
  • Optimizing Programs.
  • The operation of servomotors.
  • The operation of sensors (touch, light, color, ultrasonic, sound,…)

As you can see in this bullet points students are acquiring concepts of algebra, geometry, physics, .. while developing skills to become advanced users of new technologies.

Renewable Energy, Solar panels and Wind turbine are introduced during the courses as part of new technologies, creating workshops where different projects to value the Renewable energy concepts and to enjoy them through practice.

During the development of workshops throughout of the academic year also introduced specific training modules so students are able to work individually at home or at school In this sense they are trained in:



  • PC structure, Hardware.
  • Communications, WiFi, Bluetooth,
  • Router Configuration.
  • PC Security.
  • Home network amongst multiple PCs at home.
  • Market novelties.